You will find on this page some bibliographic information for the conference.

Edition and translations

The reference edition for the colloquium is the new edition prepared by Matthieu Cassin and Christian Boudignon, which has been published by the Sources chrétiennes series (no. 596). The text has been sent to all participants. It is accompanied by a French translation (M. Cassin, Ch. Boudignon, J. Seguin †) which has also been communicated to the participants.

An English translation (M. DelCogliano, A. Radde-Gallwitz) has been made available to the participants of the colloquium and will be published together with the volume of proceedings.

The edition of the Gregorii Nysseni Opera (John F. Callahan, De oratione dominica, De beautitudinibus (Gregorii Nysseni Opera VII. 2), Leiden, New York, Köln, Brill, 1992), which poses many problems in its fundamental choices, should be replaced by the new critical text.

Secondary bibliography

For the secondary references, see Groupe Zotero Grégoire de Nysse, led by Matthieu Cassin.